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OGS reads Keynote at the Opentext Content Day 2010

07.05.2010 21:38

on May 19th 2010 OGS IT-Solutions reads the keynote in corporation with ORF at the OpenText Content Day 2010.

Here is the content of the keynote:


Has ORF the legal rights to boradcast specific material via specific media? Has ORF contracts with specific companies and if yes, which ones? When do contracts have to be extended and who is the responsible person? That is only a small excerpt of the legal questions that have to be answerd quickly and precisly in the daily business of a broadcasting agency. DIVA is the open-source-based digital contract archive of the ORF, that provides the ORF employees answers to all these questions.

Presentation: Mag. Martin Szerencsi (ORF) and Osman Gümüs (OGS) present relevant aspects of the successful solution DIVA.





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